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  •       ABOUT US
         Work lamps

    He Bei BoNa MACHINE TOOL ACCESSORIES MANUFACTURING Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on
    the development,production and sales for the industrial automation
    products. The main products are hoses,hose connectors, waterproof
    cable connectors,engineering plastic drag chains,steel-plastic drag
    chains,popes for cooling use and protective shields and guards etc.
        Our company can provide you with a varieties of products in
    different specifications withe the lowest prices and timely delivery.
    Should you have any questions regarding the installation, or if you
    have any wishes/opinions,please feel free to contact us and we offer
    24 hours service in a day.
        Our company will provide you with most satisfactory service with
    first class quality and good creditability. We are willing to
    cooperate with all friends from all cirles so as to make even
    greater contributions to the development of the components in the
    digital control area.
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    add:partb,jinyang new world,transportion avenue, xinhua district, cangzhou city, hebei province, china
    tel:0317-3012185 3012189 3012199 3017088         fax:0317-3012185
    鑄鐵平板  鑄鐵平臺  布袋除塵器  鑄鐵平板  壓瓦機  鉚焊平板  除塵器  大理石平板  袋式除塵器